Annis Parker

I am a New Zealand Registered Nurse with educational, management and advanced nursing practice qualifications. I have worked in numerous countries of the world in areas ranging from operating theatres, disaster work both in the field and in the planning phases, to oncology/bone marrow transplant. I now have a full time practice in Bio-Energetic Healing of which Healing Touch is a part. This has a human, an animal (both domestic and zoo) and a teaching section. I have now been practicing full time since 1997.

Objectives & Experience

My original objective of developing and consolidating Healing Touch as a New Zealand organization has been achieved and the ongoing work has been delegated to younger, experienced people to continue with the development.

I am now studying details of animals. I am very interested in where imbalances are stored in the body. I want to know what the relationships between what we see and how this manifests energetically. There is fine detail here and much to learn.

I have worked extensively in numerous countries of the world in areas ranging from operating theatres, disaster work both in the field and in the planning phases, to oncology/bone marrow transplant, teaching and various aspects of management. A number of these years were spent outside the health professions where I learned about tropical agriculture/horticulture and crops, exporting and importing onto the international markets, management, cross cultural skills and police work in wild places. All useful information in the mix of life and people I meet.

Working with and alongside people in various industries related to animals – farming, horse events, game parks, animal rescue etc is where I believe this work should be. Fully integrated of the work and techniques has amazing results (including financial) as it is a major de-stressor for the animals and encourages the people to view animals from a much broader perspective

My Biography

I set up a full time practice in Christchurch, in 1997, as a Certified Healing Touch practitioner and Instructor with the objective of introducing this work to as many people as possible, both in and outside the health professions. I established a people practice, an animal practice and commenced teaching throughout NZ. I currently teach HT Levels 1 to 4 throughout NZ; I teach animal Bio Energetic workshops throughout NZ to all interested people as well as those in Veterinary practice

My people practice includes all aspects of dis-ease, as well as, well person maintenance. I have a home based clinic but work in hospitals, other peoples’ homes, in fact anywhere the work is. I now have clinics in Wellington and Auckland as well as working from my home base in Tauranga. I travel, particularly to all animals as well as people in hospitals, those who are very unwell and children. My animal practice has large numbers of horses, cats and dogs as well as all other domestic animals and I have been working with exotic animals both within N.Z and overseas.

I have been doing regular work with Game Park and Rescue Parks which breed or care for endangered species. Zoo animals of all kinds and those coming through quarantine are of particular interest as these animals often have energy problems which can cause the breeding programmes to be put in jeopardy. Big cats and monkeys are another fun part of my practice. This work involves assessing the energy field then re-balancing it to enhance health, healing at all levels (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual); reduce stress; speed recovery from injury or surgery as well as injury prevention. This work is complementary to all classical medical and veterinary services.

Enhancing awareness of the knowledge within all animals and the teaching of the inter relationship between all beings is something I feel passionate about. I was part of the formation of Healing Touch NZ, completed the first three years as president of that new organization and then handed over the reins to the very competent people who are participating in this work. This has allowed me to open up new areas, to teach and talk anywhere and everywhere in the country where there is an interest. I spent six years on the Healing Touch International Board of Directors, Denver, USA as the International Liaison person. In that role I was able to facilitate the infusion of information from other parts of the world into the USA.

International liaison and communication is important for us all and although I focus a lot on New Zealand and the integration of this work, it is important for me to maintain a large international view and keep in contact with my colleagues. This encourages New Zealand to be a dynamic part of the whole.

My Resume

Annis Parker. RGON: ADN: DipEd: CHTP: CHTI

Registered Nurse. Certified Healing Touch Practitioner, Instructor & Presenter.

People, Animals – domestic, farm & zoo.

  • RGON
    • Registered General & Obstetric Nurse.
    • Registered in N.Z. Worked in 8
      different countries in multiple specialties.
  • ADN
    • Advanced Diploma of Nursing. 
  • DipEd
    • Diploma of Education (Adult).
    • Two years study to qualify as a Nursing Tutor.
    • Certified Healing Touch International Practitioner.
    • Full Time practice since 1997. People and Animals Nationally & internationally.
    • Certified Healing Touch International Instructor
    • Full time integrated into above practice. Also since 1997 – Simultaneous study.