Teaching & Educating

Teaching, Conferences & Public Speaking

I have divided this work up so that dogs and horses are dealt with separately. Should there be any interest from Vet nurses then a two day comprehensive course would be run for them with a number of their special issues which relate to them specifically. This aspect of my work is changing continuously Horse, dog and a zoo keepers’ workshops have been taught throughout New Zealand. These courses cover the field structures, how to assess, balance and align them. These are experiential workshops which are separate for both dogs and horses. People bring their own animals.

I am available to speak to interested groups, Conferences large and small, and in fact anyone who has an interest in what I do. During 2010 I spent time in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and California, USA where I spoke to groups about animal healing and wrote and presented the findings about specific areas ‘which were not working’ inside a large Los Angeles hospital. This followed with a trip to Australia to be the keynote speaker at the Foundation of Healing Touch Australia Conference. That presentation was entitled “The Human Animal Energetic Interface.” This was well received, with many people saying, ‘they will treat their animals in the same way again.’ That to me is a VERY positive statement as they will realize how intelligent their animals are and how much they have to teach US.

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